I always feel full of enthusiasm after a coaching session. My objectives are clear and I know what I want to do and how I’m going to do it. Today I’ve had a great idea, a product innovation, all my own in which I really believe. I want to thank my coach for helping me become aware of my own potential through his pertinent questions, his elucidations and his suggestions!

With my coach I was able to formalize the objectives already in my mind. Our discussions were frank and constructive. We used concrete methods to make concrete progress and we identified training needs which have already been done. This work of coaching enabled me to quickly take responsabilities in a new professional environment. I gained credibility with respect to my hierarchy and my colleagues, and in addition now I am much more serene in my professional environment.
Key Global Account Manager, International Metallurgy Company, Luxembourg
The main principal which I retain from the coaching programme is the valuable chance to see myself  through the eyes of my interlocutor. We are not used to seeing our own image. In the position of Site General Manager there is a danger of becoming rapidly isolated. Now I’m less formal in my work relations, I give more positive feedback and try to help my workforce and empathise with them. These are key elements in having successful professional relationships. Finally becoming more focused upon my future is certainly an advantage that I’ve got through coaching and part of the reason why I intend to continue being coached.
Factory Managing Director, United Kindom
I’ve really appreciated this coaching programme. I’ve been able to stand back and analyse my own personality. I’m sorry to have dumped all my problems on my coach but it really helped me to de-stress. Coaching has been a very valuable use of my time and I can already see the positive results. It’s helped me get back to basics and to improve the quality of the training with which I provide the workforce.
Factory Health and Safety Officer, Packaging factory, United Kindom
Coaching has provided me with a positive impulsion, the way forward has become clearer. I’ve renewed enthusiasm and I now give everything I’ve got, as when playing tennis, going for precision as well as strength. Now I focus on the 80/20, pausing where necessary to improve my aim. Coaching has been a determining element in the acceleration of my career. With greater perspective I take the best possible decisions and obtain my objectives at a speed which I would never have thought possible. I can never thank my coach enough for this time shared. It’s been a memorable adventure. Thanks!
Manager Manufacturing Excellence and Casthouse, Metallurgy Factory, Luxembourg
Coaching helped me to fix my own objectives with regards to my ambitions and to have the help necessary to put in place a project which was ambitious but realistic. Not 100% of the goals have yet been achieved but I’m confident that I will get there with my current dynamics. I’ve learnt how to take perspective with regards to some sensitive files, stay calm and think about things rather than act precipitously. The sessions provided me with someone to listen and the various tests helped me take a closer look at myself. My only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time in the remaining 10% of actions defined during coaching sessions. It would be great to continue the process!
HR Management, Metallurgy Factory, France
What I learned from my recent experience with my Coach is that coaching is an essential support to build my personal roadmap in connection to the challenges of the businesses. Indeed, the strong relation with my Coach made of confidence, open-mind and learning by sharing helps to find the good answers to the good questions, and “to close the loop” through opened, reflective and constructive feedback. I also appreciate that it is about a pragmatic approach using simple tools.
Global Energy Manager, International Metallurgy Company, US

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