We are a network of professional coaches most of them being certified (or in the process of) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), mentors, mediators and consultants. Being all professionals in accompanying processes, we constitute an international business network in which country representatives are also integrated. Bilingual or more, having lead projects and teams internationally in the private or public sector, the partners of this network can easily integrate themselves into the local cultures and provide at the same time another look onto the dynamic of organizations and people.

We want a flexible and agile autonomous companies linked by common objectives, values ​​and ethics, using various adapted tools coming from a collective intelligence, a new view and a creative energy. Our goal is to become a catalyst and awakener of conscience, developing our respective businesses through our synergies and sharing our experiences to better support our customers in achieving their goals. By 2018, our network wishes to be present and active in at least 30 countries.

The main means that we put together are :

  • Individual group or team coaching, in situ, or through new technologies
  • Multidisciplinary teams including coaches, consultants or trainers
  • Taylored tools developed and fluid processes that mold and adapt to the situation of our clients and the frames of  reference of each involved partner
  • A dynamic communication platform, generous, friendly and ambitious, able to often carry out information of interest
  • Measures of progress and continuous improvement process within the network

Les partenaires de ce réseau sommes tous signataires d’une charte qui certifie que les services livrés par ses membres sont de grande qualité et s’appuient sur des valeurs humanistes et des approches axées sur le développement durable. Notre vision et notre passion ne font qu’un : Accompagner et élever la conscience des gens pour laisser un monde meilleur!

International Presence

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