Yves Perreault
Business Coach – Facilitator in conflict management

Yves Perrault

I have been active in the fields of training, facilitation and conflict management for many years. As a conflict management facilitator in group interventions or as a team consolidator, mediator, trainer or coach, I have often been called to intervene in different settings. Before joining the Public Service, I worked as a consultant, which gave me the opportunity to intervene in the private sector, in not-for-profit organizations, with amateur and professional athletes, and in the area of education.

As specialist in group dynamics I focus on innovative and experiential approaches that make participants aware of the basic role of greater self-knowledge as a primary tool in conflict management.

In my private practice, I offer my experience and skills to organizations, helping them to manage controversial and conflictual situations in order to improve their work environment and increase productivity. I often point out that if managers were aware of the impact, as well as the direct and indirect costs of conflicts on the work of a team, they would not for a second hesitate to call on an expert in this field.

Morena Coaching International gives me the opportunity to operate internationally, where my interpersonal relations skills can benefit more clients. In reference to François Kaisin, the head of the organization, when you meet someone who acts in such a professional and disciplined manner, and on top of it all you share the same passion for guiding those who set clear objectives for themselves, and that person offers you a partnership, you don’t think twice! It’s a winning proposition.

I look forward to working with you!.


Sophie Harvey
Facilitator and Coach – MBA

Sophie-HarveyAfter studying civil engineering and completed a master’s degree in hydraulics, I’ve worked ten years in international project management.  I have also been a consultant for entrepreneurs wishing to expand abroad, mainly in Latin America.  In order to further develop my experience of contact with this new culture, I’ve decided to move to Quito, Ecuador, to implement a local branch a Canadian environmental consulting firm.  Once I returned to Quebec, I completed an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship and realized various management contracts.

Having always been passionate about everything related to personal development and creativity, I now use coaching to support my clients in finding new ways to realize their aspirations. My clients are professionals from all backgrounds seeking creative solutions and often artists and independent cultural workers.

I believe that the group dynamic is a crucible that enables self-discovery and offers support to the individual process.  Therefore, I also organize group sessions to support the participant’s creative development.

Curiosity, sharing and humor are important values ​​to me. I am very stimulated by the collaboration with Morena Coaching International business network. The authenticity and diversity of the members inspire me and I know we can benefit from each other’s strengths and differences.


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