Carol Castellanos
Coach & Advisor Human Resources and Change Management

Carol-CastellanosI was born in Bogota Colombia, studied psychology at the University Javeriana and after two years I specialized in human resources management at the External Colombian University. For nearly nearly 13 years, I worked as director of human resources in different global companies and one of those experiences my responsibilities covered nine countries in Latin America.

I was really lucky to integrate multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, which has enriched my perception on how to engage efforts to create synergies with people and their individual and cultural differences and achieve good results.

I participated in several business start process, mergers and acquisitions, feeling being an active part of the creation or reorganization of the teams. I also had to reduce the size of staff structures and sometimes close business, product of drastic decisions and market fluctuations. These situations have also allowed me to strengthen me and lead change processes, manage energy and passion despite the crisis, preserve cohesive atmospheres despite the strategic changes in the organization while maintaining productivity. I finally discovered that change is constant and it is best to learn to dance with it.

Meanwhile, in my vocation to undertake business inherited from my mother, I advised and trained companies on the effective management of human resources, staff training, change management and effective management of staff development.

In 2013, I became interested in leadership and coaching in organizations, and I developed and I got my diploma on a systemic coaching program in Barcelona accredited by the International Coach Federation, I discovered there is another way to weld groups, create teams and allow them getting surprising results.

I join Morena Coaching International to serve and contribute to this vast network of professionals, through which it is with passion, energy and empathy that we support organizations and individuals in achieving results, effective management and business development in the recognition of human beings.

Thank you Morena!

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