The Morena is a freshwater fish from the South American tropics. It swims with precision and elegance forward as well as backwards, adapting to it’s environment and getting the better of the competition by using its very own radar, a system of electrical impulse transmission which enables it to locate its peers, other, species and objects. Thus the Morena is constantly receiving information about its surroundings and can act accordingly.

Our aim is to inspire and to accompany executives and managers, their personnel and their organisations, helping them to achieve their full business potential and to reach their most ambitious goals. In an ever changing world we enhance our client awareness of their role in today’s business environment – just as the Morena senses his habitat – and in managing the change, with passion, energy and empathy.


Our background, our professional experience in global companies and several hundred coaching sessions with a dozen different nationalities mean that we can enable our clients to branch out overseas, notably towards English, French or Spanish speaking countries. Today, our familiarity with an ever-increasing cross-cultural diversity stands us in good stead to advise our clients and provide them with different perspectives in regards to business, client relations and helping them to deal with the different cultures encountered in a global market.

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