François Kaisin
Business Coach – CEO – PhD

francois-kaisinWith dual nationality, Belgian and Argentinian, I have lived with different cultures all my life, notably European and South American but also punctually in Asia and North America.

After gaining a Baccalaureate at the French Lyceum of Buenos Aires, I decided to specialise in Biology following a meeting with Captain Cousteau on board his ship the ‘Calypso’ and a study I had done on the ecosystems of the great lakes and reservoirs of Patagonia, their bio-energetic levels and sustainable development.

Continuing in this specialised field I obtained a Doctorate in Biology under the supervision from a University in Illinois and was thus able to combine my eternal passion for linking my researches, however microscopic, to my global or macroscopic environment. It is therefore no coincidence if environmental aspects, health or safety have figured largely throughout my career at the head of multi-disciplinary teams.

Working in international companies in the fields of water, waste, energy and aluminium I have always sought to associate the individual with collective evolution. A humanist by nature I seek constantly to reinforce the participation of the stakeholders, improving communication where necessary and enhancing motivation by engaging all those involved.

My different experiences allow me to communicate easily with people of varying backgrounds, adapting my language to different international, social codes. Following my experiences in the field of human resources, I use my abilities of listening and feedback in my work as a business coach with executives, managers and their teams, sharing with them the fruits of my experience and passions, also as consultant or trainer.

Finally, let me share with you my great pleasure to work in partnership with coaches and consultants with such a professionalism and great hart I am discovering in a growing number of countries where we are operating. A true community of learning and practice which elevates all of us, close to our clients!


Ana Solans
Operations support

ana-solansWith dual nationality, Argentinian and French, my experience running an infant school in a deprived area in Buenos Aires taught me to forge strong links between my teachers, local families and business sponsors all dedicated to ensuring the school’s survival. Since year 2000 living in France and Switzerland, I have consolidated my expertise in finance and in the administration of real estate management, bringing with pleasure my competencies and skills to Morena Coaching International’s development.


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