Françoise Daxhelet
Coach, Trainer & International Consultant

My basic training is Psychopedagogy. After some years of work experience, I obtained another Master’s degree, in Psychological Sciences, centered on adult learning and on organizations. I also followed both courses of the Professional Coaching Training Program given by Coaching de Gestion, Québec, Canada, and I’m currently in phase of certification.

I lived my first expatriation in 1995, in Brazil, where I worked in capacity building of women groupings, in border of Amazonia.
Without realizing it, this experience was going to be the trigger of a career and a life far from my native country, Belgium.

After seven years spent in Bolivia, I live since 2004 in Senegal. All these years were dedicated to international missions, concerning the management, the execution and the follow-up-evaluation of development programs. Training of adults and trainers, capacity building, animation and coordination of teams, and results based management are a substantial part of these missions.

What most drives me is my wish that the actions in development aid and in capacity building end in concrete improvements of performances and systems. To acquire a value of development, skills have to be turned into performances, intentions and projects, into making it happen.
From this perspective, I found in the professional coaching a powerful support tool. In 2014, I created in Dakar Coaching 4 Dev (Coaching for Development), which addresses first and foremost the actors of development, which may be public or private, individuals, teams or groups, of any nationality.

I usually speak and write French and Spanish, and I have skills in English, Portuguese and Dutch.

I am happy to join the Morena Coaching International network, for its international and intercultural anchoring, for its values focused on open-mindedness and exchange, but also for its professionalism and its ethics. Joining the network means for me a good opportunity of continuous learning and sharing, in a spirit of professional co-development.


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