United States


Gary Birnberg
Business Arbitrator and Mediator

Gary-BirnbergMy career and life has been a voyage of discovery dictated by principles of harmony, systemic functionality, civic responsibility, and excellence in all its manifestations.

My current professional focus is on commercial dispute prevention and resolution. Management is informed and enriched by my background as a licensed attorney, successful entrepreneur, and accomplished management consultant. I work for an unusually broad range of clients, both in size and activity, in my native USA, in Brazil, where I am a permanent resident, in France, where I received my MBA and my first job working with top multinationals, as well as in numerous other countries, particularly in Europe.

My goal in associating with my esteemed colleagues at Morena Coaching International is to extend the reach and effectiveness of both, my work and theirs, to contribute to holistic solutions that optimize work environments, as they maximize individual satisfaction and enterprise performance, truly converting challenges throughout the client enterprise into opportunities for sustained success and excellence on all levels.

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