Jürg Furrer
Mentor in Safety and Change Management

JuergSwiss national, trilingual French-German-English, I made chemical engineer studies in Switzerland completed by a PhD in organic chemistry. After having taught and made research in an American university during almost 2 years, I started my industrial career 27 years ago. I was in the management of Swiss and American multinationals where I acquired a global knowledge in heading and managing the corporate areas of sustainability, environment, health and safety at work. I had the privilege to also lead multidisciplinary teams and was often given the chance to chair transversal and specific projects in those companies, particularly HR projects including pension plan models, bonus systems as well as motivation programs.

People have always been in the center of my concerns. I was always keen to listen to people and to adopt the role of a guide in a mentor or a coach attitude, depending on the situation. I have therefore created a few time ago my own company to offer to my clients an expertise and know-how in the fields of business management as well as behavioral based safety, thus including the mentoring of employees at all hierarchy levels.

I met again François Kaisin in 2012 after we had similar roles and responsibilities in particular in the sector of safety in multinational companies in the aluminum business. We intend today to invest together in human capital in allying our know-how and experience in behavioral based safety, in designing products which should help our clients to minimize as much as possible the exposure to risks of their employees in accompanying them with a mentor and coach approach, from “A to Z”.

Therefore François and other members of the business network of Morena Coaching International, in which I fully believe, made me understand that I have also a full place in this developing network, in bringing an additional dimension which is the one to diversify it as well as to represent it in Switzerland. I do it with pleasure. Thank you for this great sign of confidence!



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