Our leaders are you!

Our leaders are you!

By Jean-Luc Pening

At the last meeting of the Morena Coaching International in Sintra (Portugal, May 2015), François shared with us a video on leadership. A video that shows a man starts dancing in the middle of a park where people sit. Everyone looks surprised until another joins then another and then another until all the park dancing together in good humour.

The commentator used this image to explain how the leadership works. According to him, the leader is the first that rises and happens to be one or two people following him. That done, it is natural that the crowd will be put in action and dance with them to form a team, a business.

Watching this video, I asked myself the question, but who is the leader in Morena Coaching International???

Dont we present ourselves as the company of tomorrow without « leaders » in the traditional sense?

So I thought about our activities. Our workshop project of strengthening peace in Burundi, our collective projects with global customers, our customers of all of us …

Who made that we all stood around these projects?

Who made that we are all always standing to dance together?

In Burundi it is Burundian entrepreneurs who told me about their needs to live in peace that I have talked to Mike and that fact that we all stood around, including the World Bank, to accompany them on their journey.

With regards to a home appliances global company, François is the one who listened to their needs, who got up, who led the Morena Coaching International team who accompanied them in achieving their training and accompaniment projects…

The answer to my question is there. For Morena Coaching International, for us, coaches, it is our potential clients, it is you who are our leaders … This is you and anyone else who make us get up. We are your first companions.

Our role?

  • Do that dance you start becoming attractive and sustainable.
  • Make it corresponds to a need, a deep “why”.
  • Do you dare get up, dance and lead your projects to the end, until the success.

And, once the dance launched and all players and projects in motion, we retire discretly.

Please watch the video, look at the first dancer who rises to accompany the leader and who disappeared at the end ; you recognize it?

It’s Morena Coaching International, it’s all of us, it’s me …

Then we dance?